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This system can be installed on new or existing containers and on classical or Dry Shipper technology.  The installation can be realized by our team or by yourself based on a details explanation procedure.  In other words, any container, any time by anybody!



This system uses only CE Mark components, is fully assembled in Europe and uses a fully secured Website.  It provides also a total security for the user and secures the outcome of your international shipments... In other words, FreezeTrack and Security are synonyms!



Starting a recording process takes about 20 seconds and can be done by a 5 years old child.  Sending the results after reception of the container requires the same time and level of technology knowledge.  Finding the results on the secured website is as easy as placing on comment on Facebook...  In other words, we made it easy and confortable to use!


Meet HuVeSearch


HuVeSearch, our company is active for about 10 years in the market of  human and Veterinary reproduction with a complete portfolio of products dedicated to all segment of this market.  You can find our website here:  Based on any years of experience and on thousand and thousand of sold containers for liquid nitrogen shipping, we initiate the FreezeTrack project in order to gibe to our customers the security they need for the transport of all this expansive material.  Based on our experience and feedback from customers around the world, about 1% of transports are giving issues with the final question: who is paying for the damage.  FreezeTrack give you the answer!!!!


A new product needs to bring an evolution in the way we are working. FreezeTrack gives you the possibility to record, to track and analyse the temperature of your container during the transport and from the filling moment till the reception.  It is light, can be adapted on any container and developed in Europe.  To bring this project to reality, we worked together with our partners, bringing us all the knowledge in the electronically components but also an expertise in communication between system based on  several thousands of lab instruments, micro-instruments, remote instruments connected to hospital mainframes.  Together, we used the most advanced and secured technology to provide you the confort to ship around the world!


The system is based on a temperature probe allowing very low temperature and placed on a crucial point to detect any variation in the container.  This problem is linked to a small external box fixed on the container that records the temperature every 15 minutes.  This time interval was defined based on our experience with temperature variation and the fact that any significant disturbance will affect at least 2 points in the records.  After arrival, a simple press on the "send button" will generate a report send from the box to the secured Database through a GPRS signal (2G, 3G, 4G).  Within minutes, the full graph is available on the website accessible with a secured password.




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